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The Call to Global Action      April 2024

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We’re getting it done! We’ve had two recent landmark rulings allowing our two lawsuits on behalf of Mexico to proceed against gun manufacturers and dealers. And I’m arguing a case tomorrow that could land a huge blow to the law that has protected the gun industry from lawsuits for decades. Read below about the exciting progress Global Action on Gun Violence is making.

Jon Lowy
Founder & President

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Game-changing Case: It Could Take Down the Gun Industry Law Shield

The gun industry law shield—known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)—could soon crumble. 

On Tuesday, Jon Lowy will argue in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania on behalf of the parents of J.R. Gustafson. J.R. was killed at the age of 13 when another boy shot him because he thought the gun was unloaded since the magazine was removed.

The suit, Gustafson v. Springfield Armory, alleges that the gun was defective for failing to include safety features that would have prevented the shooting.

Jon previously argued to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania which led to their landmark ruling —  the first appeals court to rule that PLCAA is unconstitutional. Jon will defend that ruling tomorrow.


If the Court agrees that the law is unconstitutional, it will be a tremendous victory in our fight for the rights of gun violence victims to sue and hold the gun industry accountable.

Tomorrow, April 9, at 10am EDT, listen live to the hearing in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on the Supreme Court YouTube Channel. Open and save the link to your electronic calendar. Jon would welcome your support and presence.

If you can’t make it, go to Pennsylvania Cable Network to get the recording following the argument on Tuesday.

A World Under Fire: Examining the Global Impact of Gun Trafficking and Violence

Jon was honored to have Kailee Vick, former GAGV legal intern and George Washington University (GWU) law student, introduce his keynote speech at an extraordinary lineup of experts—students, scholars, and activists—at the GWU International Law Review’s Symposium last month. Jon made these key takeaways:

  • Gun violence is unquestionably a global crisis. Over 250,000 people die from guns each year—more than annual combat deaths in every armed conflict on the planet.
  • The gun industry violates its corporate and human rights responsibilities, as well as its obligations under civil and criminal law by facilitating gun trafficking.

Click here to watch Jon Lowy's
keynote address

  • U.S. policymakers enable the gun industry’s reckless, destructive practices. Profits and so-called gun rights are prioritized over human rights and life.
  • Global Action on Gun Violence has a hopeful, new approach. We’re working outside the constraining U.S. political system by taking strong international human rights and legal action to reform the gun industry.

A World Under Fire: The “Lawsuit for Survival”

Manny Oliver, GAGV’s Global Outreach and Artistic Adviser and founder of Change the Ref, also spoke at the GWU Symposium.

Manny highlighted the “Lawsuit for Survival” that we filed on behalf of Patricia and Manny’s son, Joaquin, who was killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. 

The suit was filed in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, a body of the Organization of States at the end of last year.


Click here for Manny Oliver's panel and see the powerful the video we produced.

We argue that Inter-American human rights law requires the U.S. to prevent gun manufacturers, distributors, and dealers from recklessly making and selling guns in ways that cause deaths and injuries.

The U.S. government will be on trial for putting gun rights over human rights. Currently, the OAS is reviewing the filing.

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